How can you ensure good sleep hygiene

 Due to our busy and stressful lifestyle, our sleep quality is decreasing day by day. According to the report, published by “Centers for Disease Control and prevention” every adult needs a minimum of 7-hour sleep per night. This report also found out that several factors are disturbing the sleep quality and due to these factors about 35% of adults sleep less than the recommended seven-hour time. This disturbance in sleep is not only affecting the quality and productivity of our life but it can lead to certain chronic diseases as well.

To improve sleep quality it is necessary to adopt not only a healthy lifestyle but there is a certain supplement that can help you a lot. So in this article, we will discuss in detail how you can improve your sleep quality and how our supplements can help you to improve your sleep hygiene.

Importance of quality sleep;

As we have discussed that quality sleep is very beneficial for reducing the chances of many chronic diseases. Let’s find out in detail how quality sleep correlated with many important areas;

Cardiovascular diseases and quality of sleep;

Cardiovascular diseases as we know are one of the leading causes of death all around the world so, do you really think sleeplessness can cause these diseases? According to the research published by NCBI  people who are facing sleep disorders have a strong association with cardiovascular diseases. Similarly, problems related to sleep can cause an increase in sympathetic nervous activity as well as vascular endothelial dysfunction. So, sleep is very important to keep you away from cardiovascular diseases.

Importance of sleep for the immune system;

According to the report we have discussed above; sleep plays a very important role in the enhancement of the immune system and keeps you safe from pathogens. This research has stated it clearly that when a person is in sleep then it decreases the activity of the Sympathetic nervous system and vice versa so this plays an important role in fighting against major diseases.

Importance of sleep for learning new things;

Sleep is very beneficial for increasing concentration and cognitive activities so it leads towards great productivity and performance. This notion is proved by many pieces of research as well; according to the research published by sleep is very helpful in increasing the focus of a person so this also proves the significance of proper sleep.

Sleep to cure depression;

The most common thing among depressed people is the bad quality of sleep. According to some reports about 90% of people that are suffering from depression are also suffering from sleep disorders as well. According to research, poor sleep can lead to severe consequences such as suicide as well. This shows the importance of sleep that; how a decrease in sleep quality leads to depression and other mental problems.

Sleep and social life;

When we take proper sleep it helps us to improve our mood and this leads towards more socialization as well. According to the researches, sleep helps a person to improve emotional performance. Loss of sleep can lead you to the loss of social skills so it is important to have proper sleep.

General things that you should follow to improve sleep quality;

Minimization of blue light;

The thing that is the most common cause of disturbance in sleep quality is exposure to blue light through different screens. Exposure to this light before sleeping hours can cause an interruption in the production of Melatonin that is considered as the hormone that helps a person to fall asleep. It is generally recommended that the use of gadgets that emit blue light should be avoided three hours before sleep. The second thing that is mostly recommended if you cannot leave the computer screen before three hours is the use of blue-light blocking glasses this will help you a lot to make your sleep better.

Try to minimize substances that disturb sleep quality;

There are many substances that we use in our daily life are the main cause of sleep disturbance. For example, according to certain reports use of alcohol, caffeine, cannabis, and nicotine can disturb your quality of sleep so avoid these things especially before you are going to sleep.

Fix your bedtime routine;

Fixing bedtime can help you to increase your sleep quality as well. Whenever you will fix the time that I will complete my 7-hour sleep at this time then you will be psychologically training yourself to follow that pattern. Similarly, some people recommend that bathing before sleep can help to increase sleep latency, and thus your quality of sleep will be improved.

Regularly exercise;

Regular exercise is considered the one most effective thing to increase the quality of sleep. Researches have proved that exercises in the nighttime do not disturb the sleeping cycles rather it can be helpful to increase sleep. So make a routine of regular exercises that will help you to release your stress level; all of these things can help to increase hygiene of your sleep.

How our supplement is helping our customers to increase their sleep quality;

Swecht is the platform that is focusing on the production of supplements that can benefit their users in different areas. Likewise to different other projects Swecht Resto (Nighttime Recovery) is adding values in the life of customers because of its amazing results; some of the main features of this product are the following;

Importance of Swecht Resto for muscles;

As we know that sometimes due to the intensive workouts depletion of glutamine levels can occur in the body. This will lead to the limitation of protein synthesis in the body of a person so this supplement help to balance the level of this glutamine. Glutamine level is basically important for muscles and this product contain L-Glutamine in every capsule.

Swecht Resto for growth of muscles;

Swecht Resto is very helpful for the growth of muscles because of its different beneficial ingredients. This product is helping its users to develop ageless muscles without altering the hormonal activities. It is not only helpful for boosting up your energy level but it is also effective for fat loss of belly.

Based upon natural product;

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Swecht Resto and quality sleep;

Swecht Resto is a multi-benefit product and one of the most fantastic features of this product is that it is very beneficial for quality sleep. Sometimes as we have discussed earlier we can feel a disturbance in sleep so we have designed this product so our customers can enjoy full night sleep.


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Quality assurance;

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In this article, we have discussed what is the importance of quality sleep and how can improve your sleep. We have discussed in detail about quality sleep so readers will be able to improve these areas to enjoy quality sleep. In the last section, we have discussed the Swecht Resto product in detail to show its importance. Our product is adding value to the life of our customers by helping them to maintain muscle strength and quality sleep. So keep buying our quality products to add more value to your life.